How to reduce or eliminate headaches before you leave the dock.

We have decided to share our bareboat check-out list which is based on our personal experience and study. As our experience grows and we get additional feedback from our readers, we will periodically revise and update the list.

Our hope is that this list will provide a guide for your next charter. If you have developed your own list, perhaps you will find something on our list that you had not considered.

Our typical approach to check-out is to let the charter company go through their list first and then we use our list to uncover or review anything that was missed or that we feel is important.

Maybe something on the list will help you eliminate or reduce some of the headaches that typically happen after you leave the dock.

To view or download the check-out list, go to Free Download.

If you have any comments or think we have missed some important items, please comment to this post.

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