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Lake Champlain Sailing Pictures

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

A number of friends keep asking us about our 2008 charter pictures from Lake Champlain, so here they are.

We have reserved our charter this summer (2009) again with Navtours and have decided to charter for two weeks instead of one. Maybe we will do better this time and get our pictures up earlier (After all, they are digital).

It is hard to get a good picture of your own charter boat under sail so here is one of another Beneteau 311 I found.

Pictures from our 2007 Sailing Charter

Friday, August 31st, 2007

We decided to share some (but not all) of our pictures from this summer’s charter on Lake Champlain at the end of July. In addition, we have also included pictures from previous years on the Lake. If you have any “nice” comments, let us know.

Westport Marina Mooring Field

To see our photos Click Here.

Getting Started

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

Planning a sailing charter?

Are you planning your first sailing charter? Are you looking for information on how to get started or where to go? Are you an old salt who would like to share some of your great stories and lessons learned? Or like us, (see About Us ) are you still learning and have chartered only a few times, but have some interesting or funny stories about your chartering adventures?

So what are we planning for this website?

This website and blog will be for everyday sailors who charter sailboats for weekends and vacations. When we started ourSloop Cove adventure, we had trouble finding useful and unbiased information about charter sailing on the web. So we hope we can provide you with useful information and links to other sites we have discovered that will help you on your first or next sailing charter. This may include information on the fundamentals of chartering, learning to sail, charter destinations, quality – but lesser known – charter companies, anchorages, marinas, places to eat, good books and cruising guides, etc. We’ll share some of our personal adventures and lessons learned, and I’m sure Claire will tell you about her experiences sailing with Captain Bligh (me).

We do have a plan but we may change our minds about our destination (Actually that happened on a previous charter). We hope you will add your comments and Contact Us privately if you would like to become a contributor or author on this site. If you are having trouble finding an answer or information on a particular aspect of charter sailing, please also Contact Us privately and see if we can help.

This is a moderated blog, so remember, it may take 24 to 48 hours before you comment to a post is visible. We are moderating this blog initially to help eliminate spam. If you are new to blogging, visit Technorati for the basics of blogging.

Enjoy your first or next sailing charter and keep us posted on your adventures.